One of the wonders of the World: Compounding

I recommend the power of compound interest to young people, don’t get me wrong: even middle-aged and elderly people can still benefit from compounding. But, as you will soon discover, compounding has a strong ally in time. Together, they do great things. You can then see why younger people, with more time on their hands,Continue reading “One of the wonders of the World: Compounding”

Top Celebrity Investors 1

Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are investing millions into new ideas that they are hoping will become the next big thing. From Tech to Stocks, celebs are bringing their connections and capital to the table. So, you want to know how the stars are investing their money? Here are the top celebrity investors making big moves andContinue reading “Top Celebrity Investors 1”

What is FinTech and What is all the Fuss About????

What’s all the fuss about Fintech? Financial technology; FinTech for short; refers to an evolving intersection of financial services and technology. The term can refer to startups, technology companies, or even legacy providers. The lines are blurring, and it’s getting harder to know where technology ends and financial services begin. The term FinTech is oftenContinue reading “What is FinTech and What is all the Fuss About????”

5 Ways to improve your income as an employee

To earn more money is a desire that transcends sex, gender, race and religious beliefs. It is a goal that very many of us desire to achieve. This post, adapted from a video by the Boss in the Bentley @Danlok,(see video here) lists five ways to increase your income. Here we go   1: BecomeContinue reading “5 Ways to improve your income as an employee”

Side Hustles for Extra Income

Side Hustles for Extra Income It goes without saying that it is essential and very important for every forward thinking person to find ways to have a second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth……..means of earning an income. If you are a Millennial looking for ways to make more money outside of your regular job or you haveContinue reading “Side Hustles for Extra Income”

Economic Impact Of The Provisions Of The CAMA Bill

Economic Impact Of The Provisions Of The CAMA Bill Some of the economic benefits to be realized by Nigeria if the proposed amendments are passed into law include: Ensure more business-friendly regulation for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: It has been determined from a collaborative survey by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and theContinue reading “Economic Impact Of The Provisions Of The CAMA Bill”

The provisions of the reformed CAMA Bill

The Bill reflects several key provisions which include:  Single Member Companies: By this Bill, provisions which make it possible for a single person to form a private company is being introduced for the first time in Nigeria. This provision is consistent with what is obtainable in several other progressive economies such as the United Kingdom,Continue reading “The provisions of the reformed CAMA Bill”